Our Services

A reliable partner in providing customised logistics and delivery solutions

Be equipped with the perfect suite of services for your logistics needs.

For Online Retail Stores

We provide same-day, pick up and delivery services,
anywhere in Singapore.

Express deliveries to multiple destinations
to suit your needs.

For Small Businesses

We offer fuss-free
express delivery on-demand.

Call us for reliable delivery services to keep
your customers satisfied.

For Bigger Enterprises

You can expect delivery support across your online and brick-and-mortar stores.

With consolidated monitoring across
all delivery jobs for optimal efficiency.

We offer logistics solutions to define your business’ workflow.

HEW Transportation strives to understand your logistics and delivery objectives before offering you the best services for your specific needs, helping you achieve your long term business goals. Whether you require last mile transportation or cold chain logistics / chilled courier services, allow us to be the solution to your business courier needs.

Our Current Fleet Consists Of



10ft Chilled/Frozen Trucks


14ft Trucks With Tailgate


20ft Trucks With Tailgate


24ft Trucks With Tailgate


Be supported by a dedicated team of logistics and delivery experts.

Count on our experienced team to streamline your logistics processes.

Custom-fit and efficient: Deploy the best mix of solutions to resolve your logistics and delivery challenges.

Vendor management: Engage us as your vendor management partner to maximise efficiency when using multiple partners.

Sit back as our team and fleet commit to completing every job.

Our dedicated couriers and vehicles are more than ready to deliver.

Committed to your success: Our own team of trained professional drivers is dedicated to fulfilling every delivery, rain or shine.

Solutions for every logistics and delivery need: From palletised deliveries to cold chain deliveries, we are equipped to meet your delivery needs.

Be reassured of all your deliveries with updates on our tracking service.

Our real-time tracking service keeps you updated throughout the journey.

Stay up to date on your deliveries: From collection to delivery attempt, keep informed as the package crosses key delivery milestones.

Manage deliveries your way: Our customisable tracking platform enables you to track your delivery jobs according to your preferences.

Key delivery services, as you require.

Count on us to deliver, from coordination and lengthy paperwork, to pick up and delivery.

A holistic logistics and delivery services provider: Don’t fret as we handle all necessary delivery coordination and documentation to enable successful delivery.

Step 1:


Allow us to analyse your business’ current processes. Once we better understand your logistical challenges and requirements, we can propose a workflow of delivery services tailored to your needs.

Step 2:


Managing orders and deliveries should be effortless. We can help you conveniently and seamlessly manage current and future jobs with our digital platform.

Step 3:


Trust us at HEW Transportation to provide your business with the most cost and time-effective customer service logistics and delivery solutions - from consultation to package pickup and delivery completion.