Upgrade Your Logistics Delivery Operations To Unlock Maximum Business Potential

Without a streamlined delivery process, business growth is impossible.
When you integrate your operations with HEW Transportation, efficiency and revenue increase.
Inefficient Logistics

How Much Is Inefficient Delivery Operations Costing You?

When your logistics processes are not organised…

  • Clients get frustrated from delayed deliveries
  • Drivers do not turn up for jobs
  • Unnecessary cost is spent on a middleman
  • Turnover rates among employees increase
  • Your company’s reputation is at risk

Logistics delivery should be simple and automated. Many delivery companies refuse to put in the extra dollars to digitise their operations. This means demanding manual labour, increased human error, a slow down in your operations, and wasted costs to fix these errors. When you outsource a logistics company with more experience than your in-house team, you get to lighten your workload and concentrate on bringing in revenue. Incorporate your processes with HEW Transportation’s digitised and personalised solutions to finally get the business growth you’ve been waiting for.

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Van Delivery Services

Streamline your business deliveries with efficient van delivery services tailored to your transportation needs.

Cold Chain Logistics

Maintain temperature-sensitive logistics and ensure your products stay fresh and safe from point A to B.

Consultation Services

Clean up your current logistics planning and get ready for business expansion with tailored advice and solutions.

About Us

Who Are We

As a logistics delivery company, we specialise in van delivery, cold chain logistics, and last mile fulfilment in Singapore. Our commitment to efficiency drives us to adopt digitised solutions that keep us ahead of the curve and maximise our clients’ satisfaction. 

We aim to go beyond and above to meet each client’s unique needs and provide personalised solutions to streamline operations. At HEW Transportation, we stay committed to being part of your team and helping you grow.

About Us
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You Can’t Avoid Digitising Your Operations Anymore. It’s Costing You.

Your orders are increasing but with limited manpower, your deliveries are not going out on time and you have to pay extra for redeliveries. The bad news is that your money gets wasted and your partners are dissatisfied with your service. The good news? This can be fixed with digitisation. 

Digitisation is scary for many businesses because who likes change? We get it. You may fear you don’t have the expertise to understand new technology. Or you’re afraid of disrupting your current processes. These are all valid concerns but in our fast-paced world today, ignoring digitisation means getting left behind. 

At HEW Transportation, we want our clients to feel comfortable transitioning to a digitised solution without wasted time and costs. We clear all obstacles to help you integrate your current workflow with our digitised platform for minimal disruptions. We train your team to fulfil orders in just a click of a button so you can increase efficiency and grow revenue in the long run. 

We know the importance of a strong partnership with our clients and never leave them alone in this process. We work together with your existing fleet and implement our operations to create a seamless transition.

We maintain a commitment to ensure our clients will continue to grow and evolve with the rest of the world.

Why Choose Us

Why Our Clients Choose Us As A Logistics Partner

Digitalised Solutions

We help our clients save time and money with digitised systems that increase efficiency in their work processes.

Ground Experience With Practical Solutions

With 25 years of experience, we understand the varying needs of our clients and provide the solutions that work best for them.

Maximise All Available Resources

We make sure not to add on unnecessary costs for our clients by utilising their existing manpower and fleet in the most efficient way.

Transparency With Real-time Tracking

We take accountability and ensure our clients always have visibility and control over their operations with tracking tools.

Ready To Adapt And Scale

We welcome challenges and work around them to create the best solutions for business growth.


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At HEW Transportation, we don’t just do logistics and deliveries — we bridge gaps to get things moving. In our ever-changing economy, it’s more important than ever to collaborate with each other to find solutions in challenging times. Let’s unite our strengths and make a difference together.

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