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Jan 04, 2021

Why hew transport’s same-day delivery service in Singapore is special?

The same day delivery service of Hew Transport in Singapore is especially for immediate or time-sensitive orders that are expected to be received and delivered on the same day.

We offer you a same-day delivery service in a standard, budget-friendly manner so you can use our service without any worries.

What do you do when there is no one to collect the parcel?

This is very rare in a single day delivery. But we experienced this sometimes. If there is no one at the destination (delivery address) to receive the parcel, we will contact the corresponding person. If you need to reschedule your parcel delivery we are ready to deliver it at your convenient time.

How do I track my order?

You can track all your orders online. On our website, we have the facility for tracking your parcels. Just follow the below points

  1. Visit hewtransport.com
  2. In the menu bar you will find “Shipment Tracking
  3. By clicking the track delivery button, you can navigate to the tracking page.
  4. Now you can enter the tracking ID and click search.
  5. The status of your parcel will be shown there.

What is the delivery period for my parcel?

It fully depends on the distance of the destination and the vehicle you selected (booked). But mostly we collect and deliver your parcels on time.

How to send a parcel with Hew Transport?

Hew Transport is an easy and standard way to send a parcel. Just give your details such as how much your parcel weighs and which is your destination etc we will provide you the best courier choose based on your needs.

In common, you need to follow these steps to send a parcel

1.      Pack your items carefully

2.      Get a quote from the best parcel service centers to send a parcel

3.      Choose the best courier service

4.      Select the type of service based on your requirements

5.      Pay and secure all your documents related to your order

Why use Hew Transport?

Have a comparison …Book your order …..Send your parcels ….Hew transport is ready to handover it to the safe hands. Hew Transport’s unique features are highlighted in below 5 points:

  • One of the best-known courier companies in Singapore for parcel delivery
  • Book your parcel delivery in Singapore or nearby destinations
  • One of the best van transportation service in Singapore
  • More than 10000 happy users
  • All courier services under one roof

How do I send large parcels?

You can send large parcels using our cheap rate and friendly Hew Transport’s courier service. We provide large parcel delivery service with following qualities

  • Will Collect parcel from your location
  • Protection cover
  • Low-cost transportation of parcels
  • Online Tracking for all parcels
  • On-time delivery
  • Same day delivery

If you have any queries regarding Hew Transport and our services, please ring us at +65 6988 1766 or visit our Hew Transport website.

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