Why Does Your Business Need a Refrigerated Truck?

Why Does Your Business Need a Refrigerated Truck?

Why Does Your Business Need a Refrigerated Truck?

There are many products that require not only secure transport but also refrigeration while journeying to their clients. This includes floral arrangements, food and beverage products, and pharmaceuticals, as various items should be kept chilled or at a specific temperature. 

Companies that handle the delivery items such as food will undoubtedly benefit from refrigerated trucks as millions of people rely on them for fresh produce. Careful preservation is essential for both the consumer’s health and satisfaction.

What Are Chilled & Refrigerated Trucks?

A chilled or refrigerated truck is a vehicle that is designed to carry perishable goods such as frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, wine, and medications at low temperatures for both long distances and short distances. They’re known to be capable of being cold on the inside, going down to any temperature you want while also withstanding the weather conditions outside. 

These delivery vehicles help to prevent products from spoiling as keeping items chilled or frozen keeps them fresh. Refrigerated trucks are becoming increasingly popular today because of the world’s economy and the convenience people want as they order online and receive groceries, medications, and other goods that can be delivered to their doorstep.  

These temperature-sensitive trucks are designed to maintain a specific temperature to protect products, so besides having a refrigerated unit, they also have insulated walls. This means that you can program the settings in these trucks to accommodate the products, and drivers can easily manage and monitor the temperature controls without worrying about their delivery schedules.

Understanding If Your Business Needs Chilled & Refrigerated Trucks

To know if your business needs refrigerated trucks, you must understand your products and their requirements during transportation. For example, the medical industry uses them because some patients can’t live without medication that needs to be refrigerated, the beauty and fashion industry uses them for products like make-up, perfumes, and fabric that can’t withstand high heat, and the food and beverage industry uses them to keep products fresh and edible. 

Even some technological and electronic companies use climate-controlled vehicles as high temperatures can cause damage to electronic devices in transport. So, what are your products, and what special requirements do they need when being transported?

Once you understand the various requirements of your company’s products, you will easily be able to determine whether or not a chilled or frozen truck is something that you need. 

 The temperature at which the goods are transported is essential because many of them may be temperature sensitive. For example, fresh food is transported in a refrigerated truck to keep the food fresh and up to national health standards, which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

Similarly, if your company is delivering pharmaceuticals, some drugs are known to need a lower temperature than others to ensure efficiency. They tend to have strict requirements for the storage temperature. Additionally, medical companies also require their trucks to be disinfected before delivering the supplies for extra precaution.  

These are all important things to note when deciding if a chilled or frozen truck is something your business requires. 

 Who Needs Chilled & Refrigerated Trucks?

More businesses in all industries now realise the importance of refrigerated transport. Depending on your industry, to guarantee the safety and quality of your products, it is best to get refrigerated trucks. Since the temperature in these trucks can be manually controlled by the driver, it can be used to deliver a variety of chilled products simultaneously. 

Hence, regardless of whether you own an F&B, floral, or medical company, you stand to benefit from chilled and refrigerated trucks. Companies dealing with food and beverages need these chilled and refrigerated trucks to keep their produce fresh. Those in the healthcare industry need them to keep medicines effective for a patient’s survival, and florists need them to keep flowers and plants looking fresh as no one should have dead plants as decorations.  

Businesses dealing in food, beverages, and healthcare all need chilled and refrigerated trucks because it helps them keep their promise of supplying excellent products, delivering on their promises, and bringing them multiple benefits. 

These benefits include not worrying about the weather affecting the deliveries, having the best packaging fit, and ensuring compliance with regulations. When transporting products like medical items, food and beverage, and sensitive flowers, adequate packaging is needed to keep them safe. When bringing these promises, you can upkeep your values, and in doing so, hold your brand name in high regard. 

With the help of chilled and refrigerated trucks, you can ensure that your clients are kept happy. We also know that satisfied clients are more likely to return and recommend you to someone in the future. 

 Why Choose HEW Logistics for Your Chilled & Refrigerated Trucks?

 Many companies are offering on-demand shipping services. Choosing a company to help transport your valuable products is an important decision. It does take some research to find the best company with the proper requirements for keeping your products safe and of high quality. 

HEW Logistics has had experience with all types of deliveries ranging from food deliveries to medical deliveries. We offer refrigerated trucks that are temperature sensitive to cater to your various needs. 

This means in one truck, various items requiring different temperatures can be transported in the same truck. All that is needed is for the driver to set the right temperature required by each compartment the items are placed in. Our professionals will provide you with the solutions you need. Along with the trucks, we provide our clients with a wide range of services, including quality control, proper packaging of the items, and on-time deliveries. Because we care for our customers’ health and safety, our trucks are also regularly sanitised before and after each delivery route is completed.

 Additionally, our trucks are fully insured. When we provide transport for refrigerated shipments, we feel we should always go above and beyond to make sure your products get to where they’re going as quickly as possible with no problems. 

Hence our insurance will allow that to happen while also bringing you the benefits of having everything settled with ease if ever there is an issue. In addition to these many benefits, we also hire experienced, fast, efficient, and always punctual drivers. 

By choosing Hew Logistics, we will prove to be the best and most financially sound decision for your business. Contact us to schedule a consultation to understand if your business needs a chilled or refrigerated truck, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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