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Aug 27, 2020

Although most people are familiar with a few different modes of contracted package delivery, many are unaware of the availability of parcel delivery service. In fact, many people do not even know exactly what a courier service does. But after experiencing a temporary dip in their demand last 10 years, delivery services are gaining popularity. We’d like to explain the role of these important experts play and illustrate the times they can be generally helpful.

A courier is an intermediator agent entrusted with delivering a package or parcel directly to the recipient, often by an allotted time. As the word originates from an old term signifying “to run,” a courier is commonly expected to make a speedy delivery of an article that is urgently required. We HEW Transportation have modern technology at our disposal, so you can expect some great advantages.

Professional courier Service Company can ensure that they will pick up and convey time-sensitive records or parcels by a certain deadline. This resource is immensely valuable in the business world, where time is actually cash, and where money often should change hands quickly. It is also important in the private sector, where well-meaning but people in the busy schedule forget to send gifts until the last minute. A courier can prevent you from facing a disappointed customer or relatives.


The first known couriers could barely be required to move considerably more than a look of the material. Fortunately, since coming into existence in 2,400 B.C., couriers have access to much better strategies over horseback. Today, they can be depended to move whole truckloads of things. Whether you are sending the contents of an envelope or of a van, a modern courier service company can ship quickly and securely. Our professionals will deliver your fragile items in the same condition in which you left.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Services

As a busy business owner, you probably have numerous tasks to run and a million documents and things to take around town. These tasks may seem small but you still might have a hard time to find an opportunity to complete them during your workday, which is a valid reason to work with a professional courier service like us.

Good Prices

You can deliver documents, packages same day or overnight delivery using a large delivery chain such as HEW Transportation. We offer fast,  affordable price and a more direct way to get your deliveries sent. You can compare these prices to commercial delivery services to determine if you are getting the best deal.

Licensing and Insurance

Find out whether the courier service is licensed and insured. When you are having confidential data to be transported, it is important to find a trusting courier service to transfer your sensitive data to the right people.  Make sure the courier service is licensed and insured.

 Great Reputation

Work with a courier company that has a great reputation for on-time deliveries. There may be many fly-by-night companies who are happy to take your parcels and get them to where they need to go. However, you want to work with a company that has been around for a while and comes recommended by other business owners in the area. Reach out to your network to discover what other companies are using to deal with their deliveries.

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