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Nov 02, 2020

The following are the questions that should arise in your mind when you are about to place a delivery order.

  1. Will the delivery vehicle be big enough for the item to fit in?
  2. Even if it fits in the vehicle, will the items get damaged during loading, unloading or during the transportation?
  3. If the item is liquid or food, will the item spill or melt in the way?

All these questions are important in order to get your money’s worth of service with cost effective and timely deliveries.

The following are few tips to help you in picking the right delivery vehicle:

  1. Multiple deliveries in one vehicle:

If there are multiple deliveries to be made but you are short of vehicles at the moment, in order to make timely delivery the only solution is Hew transport’s multi-stop feature.

You can contact us from your home at any time for our service .It is super beneficial if we can save time and money by placing all the orders in single delivery and saving the money of all the deliveries combined.

  1. Having the right size of vehicle:

If you think having a small vehicle and managing to squeeze in the big items can save you money, then you are wrong. You will end up in one of the following situations

  • Your items can be damaged
  • Delay in delivery if at the last minute the vehicle hast to be changed to bigger vehicle.
  • Sometimes the authorities might haul up the vehicle and cause issues due to carrying large cargo in small vehicle.

At the end you might end up loosing more money than you thought would be saving by using a smaller vehicle. So, there is no point in using smaller vehicle.

In order to avoid these issues, you can double-check the dimensions of your item and vehicle in which the item is going to be shipped. Just this simple work can make a huge difference in the outcome of the delivery experience and save unwanted troubles of switching to other vehicles.

Our customer service is always available to aid you in selecting the suitable vehicle for your delivery in case you still have troubles in selecting the right vehicle. We are more than happy to help you to find the best solution to this problem.

  1. Select vehicles according to the Item:

If delivering in a record time is the task, motorcycle is the best option. But it is not always about the time. There will be situations where safety is more crucial than time. There will be times when delivering the whole piece as one is the ultimate task.

If you are a Backer or in food industry, the items you deliver will be fragile. Here you will definitely need more grounded vehicle. Because, you would not want someone’s birthday party to be ruined because of the carelessness of the motorcycle driver.

Hew transport is ready to serve you the best service. You can reach us for delivery service we will take the product to its destination in the correct time.

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