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Last Mile Delivery Services 

At HEW Transportation, we provide a wide range of logistics and delivery services. Whether you are a bigger enterprise, small business, or online store, we offer delivery support tailored to your needs. 

HEW Transportation strives to understand your logistics and delivery objectives before offering you the best services for your specific needs, helping you achieve your long term business goals. If you are looking for last mile delivery services, we are here to help.

Last mile delivery services, as the name suggests, refers to the last leg of the journey in supply chain management. In other words, goods are transported from the warehouse to its final destination. Businesses that function either partially or entirely online may benefit from a last mile delivery service. For more information on last mile delivery services and if your business may require them, speak to us at HEW Transportation.

As mentioned above, if your business operates either partially or fully online, where a customer may visit your shop and order items, last mile delivery services are required. Some examples of these businesses include:

Online Retail Stores

Brick & Mortar Retailers With the Option to Shop Online

Manufacturing Companies

B2B Suppliers

At HEW Transportation, we are committed to providing our customers with only the best. With a reliable fleet of vans, lorries, and trucks, dedicated insurance, and real-time tracking, you can rest assured that your items are being carefully handled by our experienced team. We are able to provide white-glove services, which enable us to customise our last mile services to meet all your various delivery requirements.

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