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Mar 03, 2021

We are all in a pandemic now (Covid-19). In some places, people have partially recovered from it but in other places, the same situation continues. In this case, we need to pay more attention to our health and safety as we have to send and receive goods, which is mandatory in our present busy life.

Make sure that your courier company follows these points for safe delivery services during covid 19.

  • Check whether the company is following Corona Safety protocols

Contactless delivery must be followed by the courier services to avoid the risk of Covid 19 exposure. Giving strict rules to the employees and courier drivers such as to wear masks, gloves, and plastic face shields and maintain a distance of 2 meters from the customer. By adhering to security protocols, the Company, its employees, and customers will be safe and free from Covid 19.

  • Check whether they have a Dedicated Emergency Team

In situations like Covid-19, the courier service should have an emergency communication team. Having an advanced emergency team with teleconferencing and chatting facilities can help to avoid problems and to take safety precautions during product delivery.

  • Check whether they have a good interaction with the staffs

Informing the employees is an important factor in the safety of everyone involved. The emergency team must gather accurate details about the place to deliver the order and the safety of the place to inform the courier drivers.

At the same time, if the employees need to deliver orders in the COVID’s hotspots, they should stay safe when receiving information, and avoid misleads that create unnecessary complications.

  • Check whether they accept all types of Home Deliveries

Due to the increase of COVID 19 around the world, most people prefer home delivery services. Some courier services neglect to accept certain items, so you should read their terms and conditions before signing the contract.

  • Prepare for Shipments globally Being Delayed

In the case of covid 19, some parcels were stopped or slowed down by Covid 19 protocols or other related reasons. This situation is most likely to occur when sending or receiving products globally. A good courier service will take the responsibility of informing their customers that this is not under the company’s control to avoid questioning.

Adapt to COVID-19 with the Expertise of Reliable Couriers

Following the above steps will help you to maintain a safe delivery service in  Singapore. By maintaining the Covid 19 protocols for those deliveries can further enhance your security.

With Hew Transport, you’ll have expert drivers and employees who are not only trained for COVID-19 situations but also to ensure that your packages are kept safe and in good condition and delivered quickly and professionally. Call us or have a look at our website to check how Hew Transport can be your best delivery service in  Singapore during and after this pandemic!


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