Paul Singapore Case Study


Paul Singapore Case Study

Paul Singapore’s operation team was able to achieve a work-life balance without any turnovers from their drivers, while still fulfilling all their deliveries seamlessly.


Paul Singapore's Results

Success In Driver Turnover Rates
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In-house Drivers Increase
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On Time And Fulfilled Deliveries
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Paul Singapore

The Problem

As a local bakery that distributes to both businesses and consumers, Paul Singapore’s challenge was meeting the high delivery demands with a small pool of drivers. Their disorganised operations system and long working hours meant that turnover rates among their in-house drivers were high. 

Paul Singapore depended on ad-hoc drivers who unfortunately, were not committed to the company and did not always fulfil orders. Because of this, their logistics manager had to manage the entire operations constantly and did not get any time off work. 

With the limited drivers and fleet of two chilled trucks, Paul Singapore’s B2C deliveries were delayed as there was never enough time for the drivers to fulfil both B2B and B2C deliveries every day.


Our Approach

The HEW Transportation team met up with Paul Singapore’s operations management to understand the challenges they were facing. We helped Paul Singapore analyse why they were experiencing these issues and the solutions that could solve these hurdles in their business operations. We created these strategies and with Paul Singapore’s approval, we implemented them as soon as possible.

Integrate delivery platform with Paul Singapore’s operations

By merging Paul Singapore’s operations with our transport management system, we were able to view all pending deliveries and fulfil them on time.

Introduce a chiller truck price model

We added an extra chiller truck to Paul Singapore’s fleet with a monthly fee that also included primary and secondary drivers as a standby for unexpected situations.

Offer a dedicated operations executive partner

We assigned an experienced operations executive from our internal team to Paul Singapore to guide and assist them with any challenges they face.

Hew Transportation

Paul Singapore X Hew Transportation

Paul Singapore’s daily operation is now on auto-pilot mode and the internal team has a more organised work flow for better work-life balance.

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