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Nov 30, 2017

During the course of our work, we were asked, if we do delivery of furniture, large household electrical items and pets. While we do want to make that delivery for you, it usually will depend on availability and when we can make time for you. This is applicable mostly to ad hoc requests, as the delivery service that are on our regular routes have already been factored into the service, including as urgent requests. There are certain situations though, that we cannot do the delivery, as detailed below.

Furniture and Large Household Electrical Items

Furniture and large household electrical items, are considered bulky items. Ranging between a light furniture than can be carried by a single person, or small, teak table which require two person to handle it safely & securely, are examples where time is not on our side. Our delivery vans are stationary for no more than 15 minutes at each location. We have to cater to our existing clients and proceed with ad hoc delivery requests in between deliveries.

For large household electrical items such as refrigerators or washing machines, our current pool of delivery drivers are not equipped to handle the stow and deliver the equipment safely. Should there be a change in the future, this article will reflect the change accordingly.

Animals & Pets

Part of our deliveries include handling of ready-to-eat meals and food packs. Due to the hygiene factor that we need to account, we cannot do delivery of animals or pets. However, we can handle the delivery of pet foods.

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