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Feb 02, 2021

Nowadays, renting a courier service is easy both locally and internationally. But have you ever think if they are all safe or if they serve you well? Some of the signs you must notice in your courier service to find whether it is a bad courier service are given below.

Is your parcel gets delayed?

Delay is a warning that something during the export went¬†wrong. If you wait longer than the normal delivery day, this is a sign that you’re let down by the courier service you’ve chosen.

How to solve: Delays often occur, however, if you send those packages during the busiest season. All you have to do is make sure your order is delivered before the holiday period. That way, you have a better chance of getting it safe and fast.

Are they refused to get your calls or emails?

If a courier service does not respond to your email or call, this is an indication that you are dealing with a bad delivery service.

How to solve: The right courier company will give you immediate responses and take your calls. They are there to solve the problem with you, provide details and find ways to provide possible solutions.

Did you get bad reviews about them?

Customer service should be excellent otherwise it will be bad for your business. For example, if the owner is not at home, a delivery boy does not deliver the package to the owner’s home, he must return it, and instead he leaves the package in a dustbin near the house. This shows a bad sign of customer service.

How to solve: If a customer gives you bad review about the delivery service, then find the reason and if it is the mistake of your partner (delivery service) then try to stop working with them. Hire a delivery service having good reviews; it helps you to get more happy customers in the future.

How to choose the best delivery service in Singapore?

Based on these, it is better to choose a courier who has a reputation for delivering your goods on time, responding to your all sorts of communications and using exceptional service of customers. If you are willing to hire one, call Hew Transport, Singapore

To improve your business, your delivery partner also has a great position, so choosing them is an important thing. Read the above 3 points before choosing a courier company.

To know more about how to find the best Delivery service in Singapore, visit HewTransport.

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